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About us

Who we are….

The ilovesxm clothing line was launched in January 2013, after a much-celebrated online campaign for the locally designed T-shirt and Polo Line branding. Boasting top quality, durable, breathable material, with a simple design, it was destined to be an instant hit with visiting tourists and locals here and abroad who share the same great deep love for SXM!!

  The website was created by Mitchell Mussington in 2011 which set the pace for much to come in terms of marketing and advertising St.Maarten to the world. Mussington kicked it up a notch by powering the clothing line through his flagship company Sign Triple Nine, which is a print and banner company which handles a large volume of St.Maarten’s business clientele. Like Sign Triple Nine, with many loyal customers and happy clients, ilovesxm made its mark, and set itself as a clothing brand that is here to stay.

  When asked what the ultimate goal is for, Mr. Mussington stated, ‘’to promote St.Maarten to its fullest, boost local business and promote local talent. Ultimately, to make everyone fall in love with St.Maarten/St.Martin.”   He has kept his word on those goals by marketing our local artists, students, models, and champion athletes who can be seen sporting the gear. From billboards, bus wraps, posters, events, video commercials, and online campaigning, our marketing concept is second to none.

What we do….

The clothing line is made up of t-shirts polo shirts for men and women and women’s tank tops. They are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from XS to XXL and different colors. Each shirt is made of the best fabric quality to provide the ultimate comfort and fit. Because ILOVESXM is considered more than a commemorative t-shirt company but also a brand, we produce various collections and design launches based on the current trends as well as seasonal events such as St Maarten's Day & Carnival so that we always remain in the minds of our consumers both local and visitors.

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