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Magallie Walwyn Gibbs

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MagallieWalwyn Gibbs

July 2013

She is a gold medalist champion in gymnastics who has the number 1 title in two countries and second best in the overall region. She has competed amongst our Caribbean bests and taken home so many medals that is impossible to not know her name. One of the most talented athletes of her time all by the age of 14 and guess what she’s from none other than the sunshine city St.Maarten!

 Magallie Walwyn Gibbs born on French St.Martin was inspired to be a gymnast at the age of 6 when she first saw it on TV.Proud mom promptly signed her up and her journey began to pave itself. Though she excelled at everything she did; no one had any idea how big Maggalie would become as a gymnast.

Ilovesxm: After joining gymnastics what pushed you to continue?

Magallie: “I knew I had to practice hard. It did not look easy and it has a lot of apparatus to learn but I was excited to try. As soon as I got better at it I decided I wanted to continue’’.

 Brave, talented and adventurous Maggalie stuck to gymnastics for 8 years!

Ilovesxm: What titles do you hold?

Magallie: ‘Champion of St.Martin’ , ‘Champion of Guadeloupe’ and ‘2nd best Champion of Antillean Guyana’ which is the regional competition with athletes from St.Maarten, Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guyana.

   She is an intelligent, talented teen that we are proud to call our own. Magallies' drive and passion is something you could feel bursting out of her as she spoke to the Ilovesxm crew at the interview.

Ilovesxm: Who are your gymnastics idols?

Magallie: ‘’GabyDouglas she’s the best on bars and people say I look like her!‘’. 

Well we don’t know if Gabie is as pretty as our St.Martin medalist but she sure can fly like her. Miss Gibbs also admires and is inspired by Shawn Johnson who is a gold medalist in floor routines and Nacia Luchen a champion on the balance beam.   Like Gabie Douglas, Magallie represents the country both in individual and group competitions with her team for balance beam, bars, vault and floor routines. Of the group she is also the oldest student who train 4-5 days a week and coaches the younger class before her own training each session. Proving that she is not only a great student but a more than capable instructor in the making.

 A typical week for Maggalie consists of full time studies at school, 3 days of liturgical dance classes, 4-5 days of gymnastics, 4-5 days of conditioning and strength training, extra training on weekends if necessary and her household duties and chores. Strength and posture is something she must constantly focus on.

Ilovesxm: What is your daily workout routine is like?

Magallie: ‘’ohboy! That’s a lot. I focus on legs abs and back with sit-ups pulls ups and crunches for as long as I can go no less than 20 or for 2 minutes straight depending on what the coach sets. Most days the coach says we go until we can’t do anymore. I focus on my back and shoulders to be able to be strong and hold myself. We do a lot of jumping jacks, hiking knees and jack knives I really don’t like pushups but I have to do them it’s all part of it so I enjoy it even though it is tough. I push’’

 A very strong and dedicated 14 year old right? With all that training a good diet is a must along with proper vitamins and supplements as expected. Magallies' mom makes sure her diet is healthy though her daughter loves junk food. To help with training she takes an organic product known as Nutralite supplement and Nutralite gummy bears which are her favorite and help to keep a focused mind and provide the necessary vitamins needed for a strong healthy athlete like her.

Like most Olympians Maggalie has a routine or rituals to prep her and relax before and after a performance. Before competitions the process starts with a cold shower, lots of music, a good breakfast and Nutralite. Just before performing she anoints herself, her wrist bands and ankle braces wishing for a safe performance and to do her best. Once she is done she asks herself ‘’did I do my best, did I Do my all’’ and awaits results. After all is said and done a good shower and full body massage by mom is needed to make sure her muscles are good enough to go to school.

 When she’s not training Maggalie indulges in basketball, tennis, guitar, books and music. She has a special talent with music that she let Ilovesxm in on. Whenever she sees a floor routine she can remember it fully out of memory based on the songs used she then uses the songs to keep her calm and to help herself train.

Ilovesxm: Name of of your favorite artists.

Magallie: Thats easy Red Eye Crew, R.E.C baby!

St.Martins' local group who has travelled across the region and Europe. Locals supporting locals something we here at Ilovesxm admire greatly!  Like the Red Eye Crew Magallie she had to get accustomed to the publicity that comes with being a champion. Interviews, photoshoots and appearances became something as regular as training. But when asked how she felt about hearing the news about her Ilovesxm shoot and interview she replied

Magallie: “when my dad said I had an interview he brought shirts and I fell inlove with them they fit so nice! I was shocked me being interviewed already?? It came very soon, didn’t expect suck a professional shoot, thought it would be small but was big and I had a lot of fun. I thought this is going to be cool and I was excited ‘’.

Though she’s done many interviews and press releases she expressed that this was indeed her favorite one so far and could not wait to see the finished product. Making mom and dad and her sisters proud is something she is very fond of and is seen by her dedication.

Magallie is well liked by her peers though it was hard at first to make friends with such a hectic schedule. It was tough growing up but she always kept positive and focused because she had moms support and encouragement. Eventually she formed bonds with other children who appreciated her talents and encouraged her to do her best and follow her dreams no matter what. Maggalies dreams are to continue gymnastics and one day make it to the Olympics to represent St.Martin. She would also like to further her studies after high school in the U.S to become a Sports Physical Therapist and return to the island to train future gymnasts. Making her a true role model at such a young age.

Ilovesxm: What message would you like to leave for the people of St.Martin and the world who will read this?

Magallie: ‘’first don’t give up even though people will try to bring you down and say you won’t make it to where you want to go . Don’t listen to them do your thing you do your best at everything even though its hard keep going to your goal. ‘’



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